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"Maria is a wonderful chef who prepares food with joy and love. She has an exuberance for life and you can taste it in every bite. She has prepared some of the most delicious dishes that my palate can remember. I highly recommend her!"

Alan Watt

"Maria Banks is a very talented chef with a vast range of cooking experiences. She arrives at each job with a sunny positive attitude and easily blends in with the existing team.Maria has a passion for excellent produce and dedication to her craft .She will take the ingredients and turn them into a memorable dish.!!"

Clare Hollywood

Linda Martin

"Maria is an excellent manager and an extraordinary chef. When she plans your meals they are planned and executed with precision. I appreciated her desire for meals to be nutritious and organic but also delicious. The other thing I noticed was her ability to keep cost in mind. She is the real deal."

Marcia Villavincenzio Smith

"Maria is not only an excellent chef but also an admirable and incredible human being. I'm always amazed that everything that comes off the stove or out of the oven is delicious; she just has a knack for cooking. Her company and conversation are always enjoyable as well. I highly recommend María in every aspect as she will never disappoint."

Meghan Pflugner - Lexington, KY

"Chef Maria is a true professional. She was a pleasure to have in our home with her infectious energy, her positive attitude and AMAZING food! My kids ask for her to come back because she makes “the best food ever!” She suggested a menu the whole family enjoyed and her food and desserts are beyond delicious! I would highly recommend."

Dec 7, 2018

Hi Maria,

"Saturday night went really well. The green bean salad was a huge hit with my health-conscious friends. All three steaks disappeared without any leftovers, and I had many requests for recipes.

It was fun working with you again!"


Lexington, KY

Melissa O'Leary ~ Private Residence ~ Santa Monica, CA.

"Maria has a large repertory of menus and styles of cooking. My favorites are her gourmet salads and sautéed dishes. She is comfortable with cooking for a mix of food restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, allergies, etc).

She is also an accomplished professional baker." 

"We have enjoyed Maria's well-rounded abilities in the kitchen; from preparing formal four course meals to outdoor barbeques, and not to be forgotten….the desserts!!!"

S​taci Woo and Mike Badt~8 Latimer Road

Santa Monica, CA

"Maria works well under pressure and is a gifted multi-tasker, two talents that are absolutely necessary for a successful chef. She is well-liked and highly respected by the kitchen staff."

Karen Rose CFO

Malibu, California 424 235 2012 [email protected]

"Maria's ability to adjust and accommodate for the varied eaters in my family was greatly appreciated. In the kitchen and the dining room, Maria was always prompt and efficient. Most importantly, she remains a kind, honest, and delightful person."

Kevin Badt -Teacher/Writer 310-508-7089

"I have known Maria Banks for over 12 years now. Maria worked in our home as a live-in nanny and chef from December 2002 through June 2004. Maria is an amazing woman; loyal, trustworthy, dependable, timely, flexible, and creative. The fact that she has held a number of long-term jobs with a small number of families is a reflection to her easy-going character and talents.

While working with us, Maria quickly became part of our family. When she started working, my children were 1, 2, and 2 years of age. She has endless patience! ​We have many fond memories of our time with Maria, and we have kept in touch over the years. Maria has also worked within households where there was a clear employer-employee boundary. In addition, she has worked with a number of high-profile families and has demonstrated great discretion to protect their privacy.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Maria Banks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me"

Dr. Tracy Rosberg- Psychologist

(cell) 818-693-5837

[email protected]

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

"Thank you so very much for making Hannah's 12th birthday a memorable, fun, and festive celebration. The food was outstanding and the girls had a great time preparing the meal with you. I certainly enjoyed my time with our guests in a way I am normally not afforded. Everything was better than I imagined. We plan to tell all who ask about you and hope to use your professional services in the future. Thanks again for an incredible evening!


Elizabeth Solton"

"Great ganache



Guns and Roses

"The best food manager in the world,"

Jack Welch CEO G.E.

Polly Badt

"Maria is a fantastic chef, she has cooked for my family many times over the years. She is also a joy to be around, and she cleans up during and after cooking beautifully. Most of all though, we love all of her meals, and she does quite a variety."